ian-stringer-leicester-football-correspondant“First and foremost, Rob Leather is an incredible physiotherapist. 

 His encyclopaedic knowledge, bedside manner and strategic approach to physical treatment is complimented by his experienced and pointed help with psychological and mental recovery. 
Rob’s calm approach reassured me as a patient, and his thorough diagnosis gave me the confidence that he had established the cause as well as the problem, before we moved onto treatment. 

With Rob there is a strategy, a plan, recovery methods and best practices to adopt, with the knowledge needed to do this in a safe manner, whilst making those small steps; vital to an amateur or professional athlete to see their goals as achievable in the long or short term. 

His practice is always welcoming, clean and friendly. Quite simply I trust Rob with my physical and mental health, and believe he’d get me fit for any task within his safe and realistic time frame.  

A consummate professional. Rob began as my physio, I now regard him as my friend. “

By Ian Stringer – BBC Radio Leicester Football Correspondent / Marathon Runner / Charity Events