Professional Sport Experience

The Rob Leather Physiotherapy team has extensive experience in providing sports physiotherapy services at the highest levels of performance

Rob Leather Physiotherapy worked for 10 years providing physiotherapy and sports medicine services to both England Cricket and Leicestershire County cricket club between 2008-2018. Rob Leather was 1st team physiotherapist for 10 years from 2008 – 2018

We were in a  privileged position from 2010 to 2018 to be the sole provider of physiotherapy services to Leicestershire County cricket club. Within Leicestershire Cricket we provided daily physiotherapy services for all the professionally contracted cricketers. This involved managing all injuries sustained by the players and coaches as well as attempting to prevent these episodes from occurring by screening and risk profiling the players and the training environment.

We were instrumental in developing the training programmes in conjunction with Strength and conditioning coaches to ensure that the players were specifically fit and able to perform at the highest level. We spent a lot of time in the off season doing injury prevention work within the gym with the sole aim of maximising elite sporting performance.

Rob Leather was also involved with England cricket between 2009 and 2015 providing physiotherapy services initially to the England Development pathway for a winter training period and overseas tour to India with the England U17’s

Since 2010 -2015  Rob Leather was the physiotherapist attached to the England Fast Bowling Programme. This programme had the sole responsibility of developing EnglandECB logo Cricket’s future fast bowlers who have been ear marked as potential England players. This programme focuses on the athletic development of the young fast bowlers based at the world class facilities at England Cricket’s National Performance centre at Loughborough University.

The Programme saw players subjected to a gruelling training phase in the off season prior to Christmas with an February overseas training camp that has taken the players to Chennai in India and latterly to the altitude and heat of Potchefstroom in South Africa. The Performance programme is a world class athlete development programme that has developed numerous international cricketers.

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