Injuries and Conditions

Rob Leather Physiotherapy commonly sees a wide range and variety of injuries and physical conditions that are assessed, diagnosed, treated and rehabilitated within the clinic setting.

The most common injuries and physical complaints seen and treated within the clinic are listed below:

Low back pain Shoulder pain / impingement syndrome
Neck pain / Whiplash / Headaches Arm Pain – Nerve Entrapments
Postural back & neck pain Elbow pain (Golfers and Tennis Elbow)
Low back disc problem / Sciatica Lower limb Biomechanical injury – Flat feet / running pain / ITB Syndrome
Stress fractures of low back Knee and Patella Pain
Hip & Groin pain Thigh, Hamstring and Calf muscle injuries
Ligament injuries and tears – ACL and Lateral Ankle Ankle & foot pain / injury
Variety of complex Sports injuries – Acute and Overuse injuries Achilles and Patella tendon injuries
Traumatic fractures & post-operative joint surgery  

Rob Leather Physiotherapy has extensive experience in setting up rehabilitation programmes specific to your injury and your goals. Advice on training plans and progressions is also an area of expertise in order to prevent injury occurring when building up to an event such as a 5km race or marathon!